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Hi, my name is Teté and I consider myself a crafty person. I like to do all kind of things, create videos and post them to show you the steps I followed to create something creative and super nice.
I create all kind of cards ( made with a cricut machine ), templates and DIY party accessories with customizable designs.  I like to create my own designs and also YOUR design ideas helping bring your craft ideas and dreams to life. My designs are in both Languages: English-Spanish.
Thank you for visiting my website, I enjoy being able to share a little bit of what I do and I hope the information I share here is helpful to you if you are trying to do the same creation or design.  Please feel free to browse and leave your comments or questions.
Please follow my social media if you want to keep in touch with me. 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cheissdesign/
Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.



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